#1 Body Shape Calculator Will Guide You to Some Excellent Clothes

Let see how this body shape calculator will guide you to some excellent clothes.

Personal style is just that: personal. And no one person or rule can really tell you what suits you if you’re lucky you just get a feeling and can run with it. But, we all have those
moments of uncertainty—no matter how awesome we might feel or look 99% of the time.

There is a nifty’ little way to know that we can find which pieces show off our figures best by simply understanding our body shapes a little better, and dressing accordingly (be safe in the knowledge this still leaves you with SO many options).

Instead of panicking and buying in on every fashion trend, try dressing to show off your figure with the help of our body shape calculator.

So how do we use it?

Rather than comparing yourself to pictures of celebrities or fruit shapes (which can leave you feeling unsure if you’ve arrived at the right conclusion), we’re using Oprah’s fashion expert
Bradley Bayou’s foolproof technique. Bayou’s system uses maths it is a little intense, but we’ll walk you through it to double-check that you’ve found your real figure.

Note: Keep in mind that no matter what your size is, you can have any of the below four outlines; it’s more about how your weight (whatever it may be) is distributed.

With that said, get out your tape measure and scroll down for the brilliant body shape calculator.

Measure Yourself

To dress your body right, you have to know your body. Don’t just guess.  So, grab a measuring tape and a friend to help you, because it’s very difficult to measure some parts of yourself and get it right. The more accurate you are now, the better you’ll look later.

A Body Shape Index Calculator

Your Shoulders: This is the hardest measurement to do by yourself, so you really should ask someone to help.

Place the measuring tape at the tip of one shoulder and wrap it all the way around you like a shawl until it meets back at the same shoulder.

The tape should skim the top of your shoulders so closely, it almost slips off. This is the widest circumference of your shoulders.

Your Bust: Stand up straight and wrap the measuring tape around your back and across the fullest part of your breasts, usually the middle of them. Pull the measuring tape as taut as you can without changing the shape of your breasts. If things start to squish, you’ve gone too far.

Your Waist: Wrap the measuring tape around your torso, at the smallest part of your natural waist. It should wrap flat around your back without buckling and meet just above your belly button.

Your Hips: Hold the measuring tape at one hip, below your hip bone, at the fullest part of your hip. Then, keeping the tape flat, wrap it around the largest part of your butt (no cheating!), your other hip, and bring it back to the meeting point.

Now that you’ve measured yourself (shoulders, bust, waist, and hips), use those numbers to help determine your silhouette shape:

Body Shape Calculator