1 Amazing Way to Reduce The Impact of Toxicity in Your Body

Hundreds of years ago people didn’t have to worry about toxicity in the body. They used a simplistic and natural way of life that didn’t require detoxification of toxins. It wasn’t until just recently that medical professionals began to acknowledge the issue of chemicals polluting our bodies.

We all know the saying “You are what you eat…” But how can we be sure what we are if we don’t know much about what we eat? Nourishing yourself with seemingly everyday foods seems like a perfectly safe venture right?

Studies by the Environmental Working Group recently discovered that even unborn babies can’t avoid pollution in our toxin-laden society. They found traces of more than 200 commercial chemicals within the umbilical cords before birth.

You might not be able to avoid the toxins but knowing where they come from and how to treat them will help reduce the impact of toxicity significantly.

Toxins could be making YOU GAIN WEIGHT!

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