Dave Tate A Conversation with a Personal Hero

Dave Tate, one of the top powerlifting coaches in the world and founder of Elite FTS, sits down with Ben to discuss a variety of topics. Discussed are the lessons learned from fitness and how they translate to running a business, raising kids to become the greatest version of themselves and the mentality of being world class.

A Conversation with a Personal Hero

1:15- What lessons from fitness translate to running a business? And how to keep your ego from interfering with your business.

5:00- Dave’s advice on running a business and managing people. Saving your “Emotional Bandwidth” for what’s important.

8:10- Why did Dave pursue strength sports and what drove him to be successful.

9:05- Accountability and responsibility. How to raise a generation of kids with integrity.

11:50- The correlation between raising kids and developing employees. How to rely on other people to keep your business functioning.

15:22- Dave’s advice on how to become a world-class strength athlete.