Mental Conditioning and the Daily Routines of Champions

Two living, breathing examples of the ultimate modern man stop by MI40 Gym today. Steve Weatherford, NFL punter for the New York Giants and New Orleans Saints and Super Bowl Champion. In addition, his business partner and right-hand man, Grant Dziak. Ben, Steve, and Grant unpack their most timeless life lessons, daily habits and the mental conditioning practices needed to overcome laziness, attack life and kickass in all areas of fitness, business, relationships and sports.

Getting arrested at 12 years old

3:00 – Getting arrested at 12 years old to winning a Super Bowl with the New York Giants.

7:30 – Refusing to make excuses. The conversation that changed it all.

12:21 – Sacrifices made along the road to the NFL, overcoming laziness.

15:30 – Obliterating excuses in your life & how to act as a father, man, and ultimate human being.

22:25 – The #1 insecurity Grant overcame that changed him for good.

26:23 – Puking before games and performance anxiety.

28:00 – Mental Conditioning. The first step in changing your life.

30:45 – The biggest challenge, getting cut by the Saints

Why Drew Brees’s is an elite quarterback

37:55 – Why Drew Brees’s is an elite quarterback. What sets the top .0001% of high performing athletes apart from the rest.

42:02 – The blessing and curse of Ben’s upbringing and his secret unfair advantage.

50:25 – The NOT to do list…is it really powerful list you can make?

52:27 –

53:00 – How to walk around at single % body fat and still have a life.

53:41 – Steve’s #1 daily habit for prosperity.

57:00 – Grants #1 trick to stop being late and consistently move toward your ultimate goals.

1:06:44 – “Like hacks” for looking, living and feeling optimal.

1:12:45 – The biggest dream killer in the world.