Mike Mutzel Living for Your Evolution

Lean into your evolution. Mike Mutzel goes in on how looking at our past is key to being healthy in the present. Ben and Mike discuss how getting outside, eating whole foods, and a seasonal diet can hack your evolution.

Daily rituals to improve your life

2:30- Daily rituals to improve your life.
4:15- How daily sunlight is necessary for your body to function properly and how to supplement for sun when you can’t get outside.
10:47- Changing your physiology and psychology, getting back to nature to supplement your body. How whole foods can provide the quality of nutrients that optimize your health.
13:50- Get outside! Diversifying your diet, environment and growing your own food is key to a healthy gut.
17:00- Seasonality and your diet. Eating locally and seasonally can optimize your nutrition.
22:30- Inflammation, the microbiome, and catabolism.
25:05- The Belly Fat Effect, food comas and metabolic endotoxemia. The effects of excessive carb-loading on inflammation.
28:50- Health and the bodybuilder diet. Balancing a mass diet with whole foods.
35:35- Chew your food! How to improve your digestive rate.

Keto diet factors

40:00- Keto diet factors- biology, seasonality, and the microbiome affect your success.
46:00- Ketosis goals, fat adaptation, metabolic flexibility and weight loss.
48:50- Cortisol adrenal fatigue, and ketogenic dieting.
51:30- How Mike adapts keto pre and post workout.
54:10- Is chasing ketone levels appropriate? What does a healthy ketogenic diet look like?
59:50- Eating raw fresh foods is key, sprout your greens and eat fresh to fight inflammation, allergies and more.
1:02:05- The Belly Fat Effect. Mike’s book on nutrition, fat loss and all of its factors.
1:06:30- Understanding fat cell health. What does it mean? What does it look like? And how can you influence it?
1:08:00- Mike’s advice on what you can do NOW that will have the greatest impact on their health and performance.